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IN PREVIEW: The 211 National Data Platform is currently in preview. Some features are limited for use by 211 organizations contributing data to the platform. 

** The 211 National Data Platform does not collect, distribute or share personal information **

240+ 211s across the country

4,000 (600+ certified) resource specialists

2 million resources

Community health and human resources

96% United States coverage

Local, state and nation-wide coverage


Every day thousands of people across North America turn to 211 for information and support—whether financial, domestic, health or disaster-related. 211 is a free, confidential referral and information helpline and website that connects people of all ages and from all communities to the essential health and human services they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

United Ways

The United Way network is made up of nearly 1,800 autonomous 501c3 organizations, each governed and funded locally. The network spans more than 40 countries and territories and 6 continents. It serves 61 million people across the globe, fueled by 2.9 million volunteer and 9 million donors.

Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)



Keyword search with multiple filter and detailed resource records

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Query the largest community health and human service repository in North America



Export data into external systems for full flexibility

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2-1-1 resources data is accessed using an application programming interface, or API. To learn more about what is and how it can be used, click here. The developer portal includes three APIs: search, export and resources. All APIs are accessed from APIs on the main menu.

Search API

The Search API returns services matching keywords entered by a user. Similar to Google search, developers submit one or more terms such as shelter or housing, location such as city or zip code, and distance from location. Services matching the terms are returned with facets, such as service category and area, allowing for refinement of search results. Developers interested in building websites or applications that show data in the context of their customers would use this Search API.

Query API

The Query API allows developers to query the 2-1-1 resources repository, returning data on contacts, services, locations and organizations. The Query API aligns to Open Referral's Human Services Data API protocols suite, resulting in increased access and use of the Repository. Developers interested in integrating external systems or applications would typically use the Query API.

Export API

Export API The Export API allows authorized users to perform bulk export operations on the 2-1-1 resource repository. The API returns all services and locations of organizations selected for export. The API includes several filters to refine the export, and page and size controls to manage results. A typical use of this API would be importing data into external systems.


211 California

211 serves people of all income levels, languages and cultural backgrounds and is available to 96% of Californians and to 85% of U.S. households

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Kinship Navigator Portal

Have you opened your heart and home to a relative’s child?
We want to connect you to the resources your family needs.

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211 North Carolina

NC 211 is a free information and referral service provided by United Way of North Carolina - open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

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West Virginia 211

West Virginia recently launched a new website using the open-to-211s source code, seamlessly integrating data from the 211 National Data Platform

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City of Oakland Resources Phone App

Resources finder phone app, built by City of Oakland with support from Code for America, is powered by NDP APIs and 211 data.


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